Relocating hospital operations from one facility to another is a highly complex endeavor that requires years of planning, especially when it comes to managing the change for employees and patients. This blog series addresses the serious challenges hospitals face during a hospital transition .

Without change management practices, hidden issues can plague medical facility transitions, including:

  • Clinical errors
  • Reduced quality of care
  • Employee stress and burnout
  • Job dissatisfaction and increased attrition
  • Resistance to change
  • Communication problems
  • Role confusion
  • Workflow issues (current and future)

Hospital Transition Staff  can mitigate known and unforeseen problems by initiating proactive change management activities:

  • Initiate change management activities two years before facility completion
  • Manage employee stress levels
  • Communicate early and often with employees
  • Engage actively with patients, vets, and other stakeholders
  • Begin redesigning hospital workflow before the physical move
  • Provide awareness orientations and workflow training
  • Plan and train for move day activities (“dry runs”